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  • Event reminder: Reminds events from every 1 minute to every several years

  • Note manager: Organizes notes by different categories

  • Email checker: Reminds you of new mails. CuteNotes supports up to 24 Email accounts

  • Colorful post notes: You can select the background color and text color from more than 16 million possible colors, you can also change the font of text and the border style.

  • Calendar: check the date from 1900 to 2100 with moon phase and holiday information

  • Time count down: explicitly know the time to the moment the event happens.

  • Import and Export: share data between computers and backup

  • Full View and Compact View: select a better way to manage notes.

System requirements: Window 95 or up

Click here to download 15 day trail version. It's fully functional after 15 days!

To purchase it, click here. Registration fee is $15.00. Upgrade to future versions is free.

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